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Pinti Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy

_DSC2794.NEFOur physical therapists are specialized in the care of musculoskeletal injuries.  We combine our knowledge and experience with the therapeutic benefit of “hands on care” to give our patients the best chance for full relief of pain or dysfunction.

We understand there is a difference to being good and being The Best at what we do.  Our staff attends educational seminars regularly to expand their level of care along with taking the time to listen and educate our patients on their condition.  We believe a successful outcome is when a patient has a better understanding of their problem, has been able to return to full level of function without pain or limitation, and knows how to manage and self care for years to come.  It is imperative that each patient takes an active roll in their health care for long term success and the improvement in overall quality of life.

Pinti Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine has solutions for the following conditions:

Cervical and lumbar strains                           Cervical and Lumbar DDD

HNP cervical and lumbar spine                     S/P cervical or lumbar surgeries

Rotator cuff injuries                                         Frozen shoulders

Post surgical shoulder repairs                        Fractured humerus injuries

Tennis elbow/Golfers elbow                           Wrist sprains

Carpal Tunnel                                                    Dequervain’s

Wrist and hand fractures                                 Hip injuries

Hip joint replacements                                     IT-band syndrome

Knee injuries                                                       Patella femoral dysfunction

ACL tears                                                             Meniscus tears

Post surgical repair of knee                             Knee joint replacements

Achilles tendonitis                                             Plantar fasciitis

Ankle sprains                                                     Ankle fractures

Post surgical injuries lower leg                      Trauma orthopedics

Thoracic outlet syndrome                               Arthritic conditions

Sciatica                                                                Fibromyalgia