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Pinti Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Biomechanical Foot Orthotics

footWE offer evaluation, treatment, and fabrication of custom orthotics for all ages.  Our physical therapists have undergone specialized training and years of experience in gait biomechanics to evaluate the need for custom orthotics and the ability to fit the right orthotic to meet the specific needs of each patient.  An orthotic device with specific components will be matched to meet the needs of the patient in terms of diagnosis, age, and activity level.  Each patient will have a complete biomechanical evaluation and assessment to determine their particular problems or dysfunctions.
The evaluation will include a custom casting from which the device will be established, wearing schedule and recommendations as needed for activity modification or further physical therapy.  Biomechanical foot orthotics are not for everyone, but by combining appropriate patient selection, evaluation, and problem solving with a thoughtful exercise approach, the use of orthotics can make the difference between a patient that is painful or pain free.

Common problems that we have had excellent success with include: