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Pinti Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial rehabilitation deals not only with high intensity, physically demanding jobs but also addresses the subtleties of overuse injuries in the work place. Whether an injury results from a singular traumatic event or is a cumulative effect from a series of micro trauma, early intervention with individualized physical therapy excellence is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Seeing the patient early and preparing them for return to work as quickly and safely as possible meets the needs of the iindustrialnjured worker, physician, rehabilitation counselor, company and insurance carrier. Although work hardening aids in dealing with industrial injuries, we rarely utilize this tool because thoughtful lesion specific rehabilitation will most often offer success before work hardening is necessary.

The best method of dealing with a work related injury is to prevent it from ever occurring. Work site assessments with follow-up recommendations can be a valuable preventative measure.

From carpal tunnel in the assembly line worker to cervical pain and headaches in the word processor, the assessment tools and the concepts in care remain the same. The key to success is early focused intervention.